Space Furniture

A premium multi-category eCommerce flagship experience that reflects the elegance, quality & sophistication that lies at the foundation of the SPACE furniture offering. The perfect balance of paired back design and thoughtful UI/UX.


The design was led by the pursuit to create a premium, intentionally minimal & unobtrusive experience.

Better browsing: An immersive full-screen visual navigation solution was developed for SPACE. Showing the product visually within their product tiers, allowing for easy browsing whilst demonstrating the vast range within the store.

Better PDP: Our key focus was finding the balance between immersive content and best-practice e-commerce. The product details page was expanded to serve a more in-depth look into product specifications, a designer spotlight, and related articles from More Space.

Klaviyo Templating: A range of content components was designed, developed, and implemented into Klaviyo for the client to easily use and build EDM without the need for external design support. 


Completed at WeAreDigital alongside: Matt Clark (Designer), Dan Bisley (Designer), Lachlan Gibbs (Snr Strategist), Elodie Giani (Project Manager), DotDev


User Inteface

Klaviyo & EDM Setup

Content Audit