Let’s face it, the world doesn’t need another self-important drink. So among the ‘braincare beverages’ and alcohol alternatives promising to transform your life, there’s ROLUS—a sparkling drink made to hydrate. That’s it. It's refreshing enough to have after yoga, over a long brunch, or on a boat. Because ROLUS is for the never still. You can even mix it with your spirit of choice—sure, it can replace booze, but who said it had to be all or nothing? That’s why the brand is bold, unapologetic, and made to go from day to night. Because you’ve got a lot on. Leave the hydration to ROLUS.


It was important to us to craft a digital experience that stood tall and out from its competitors of DTC sparkling waters. These websites are built for easy transactions, often leaving behind narrative and brand stories. So leaving a lasting impression on our customers through design and interactivity was top of mind.

Product discovery is woven into the brand story. Every click, scroll, and rollover is designed to blend product discovery with narrative. And, naturally, as a drink that’s designed to take its consumers from day to night, the messaging dynamically changes over 24 hours.

Motion underpins all of our brand systems and speaks directly to our platform of ‘never still’. Movement is non-decorative and direct, which speaks to the transparency and no-frills approach of the brand. Every effort was explored on how best to translate the brand MO of Never Still into moments and interactions on the website. Visit the website here


Completed at Re Design alongside: Nick Hill, Tristan Miller, Mitch Viney, Helen Chang, Sumita Maharaj, Katherine Fischer and Georgia Phillips, with development support from Michael Precel


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