Buying a wedding dress online is daunting. The challenge for the KYHA website was to create an experience that gives 'soon-to-be' brides every confidence they need on their purchase journey and make an impactful first impression. The website was completed concurrently with the development of the new brand identity completed by Motherbird.


My approach to the user interface was simple: Do Less, Do better. This meant avoiding bloated features giving greater focus to the experience through sharp transitions and micro-interactions, and allowing their sophisticated art direction to shine through. The result is a state-of-the-art eCommerce website that meets all primary brand, content, and technical requirements.

The core functional enhancements we made to the experience include easier product customisation, custom shipment calculator and an enhanced wishlist functionality.

Product customization: This clean aesthetic principle made light work of designing for complex features. Customers can not only select fixed dress sizes, but create dresses based on their measurements without hassle. Upselling customizations such as adding belts, hand loops or elongating trains are simple checkbox additions - increasing the total value of the product instantly.

Custom calculator: For customers seeking to expedite the production of a desired gown, additional functionality was added to the product page which calculates a rush fee, based on their needed delivery date.

Better PDP: The PDP is constructed classically, with product imagery standing on its own whilst showcasing all the customisation options, product details and variables at the same time.

Optimising the first instore experience: Our solution of an enhanced wishlist gives customers the ability to save and share both brand inspiration of customized gowns on the website, as well as the products on offer. This page is shared with the Bride's Stylists before their appointment, thereby streamlining the experience and making most of the first appointment.


Completed at WeAreDigital alongside: Oscar Strangio (DotDev)


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