Camilla & Marc

Quality textiles, masculine tailoring with feminine silhouettes. CAMILLA AND MARC are iconic for their premium offerings and cutting-edge design sensibilities. So the digital interface needed to be as streamlined and crafted as the pieces synonyms with the brand. We worked closely with the Camilla & Marc team in a design sprint approach to develop a modernized e-commerce experience that challenges convention and injects personality whilst elevating the product portfolio. My role was simple: create as much inspiration and options for the user interface as the short time-bound sprint allowed.


The sprint ran co-currently to a rebranding project handled by M35, with the development of the site handled by an external development team. Working off the initial concept brand work from M35, we crafted a point of view to the user interface: minimalistic UI. This extended to a streamlined type system, refined approach to content, and was instrumental in creating functional product cards.

Anatomy of the design:
We needed to create a system of information hierarchy that is incredibly scannable. Allowing the customer to become familiar with the way the homogeneous collection of information is presented, and quickly reinforced through repetition.

Servicing The Loyal Customer Base:
Insights into the CAMILLA & MARC buyers being largely dedicated habitual season buyers, demonstrated the need for ensemble making to be a key area of focus for both the homepage, product page, and shoppable lookbook. This was a major area of focus in the design sprint, exploration of how best to represent this information in dynamic and engaging ways.

Multiple rounds of internal carding sessions took place during the sprint, exploring how best to represent the brand’s vast and price-segmented product categories. Once that was locked in, simple product filters, fast page loads, and interactions make navigating the large collections of products an easy and barrierless experience.


Completed at WeAreDigital alongside: Dan Bisley


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